First Safari of the season

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

I have just completed my first safari for 2018 with some English friends from way back. We were hunting down in the Save Valley Conservancy on Humani and Arda, for two buffalo and a tuskless elephant. The rains have been good this season and the bush is thick and lush still, making the hunting challenging. We were, however, successful and took two really fine OLD buffalo bulls! Both one shot kills! We also got a fine warthog, a waterbuck, a zebra, a wildebeest, a klipspringer and an impala. Ian Rutledge was the second PH on the hunt and managed to find a great old tuskless, so everyone got what they had come for.
We are continuing to upgrade the Turgwe camp and work has started on the cottage to refurbish it for clients use, should a closed-in accommodation be required. The game has bred very well and the waterholes and pans are carrying water well. It should be a great season!!! Plenty of buffalo around, some excellent elephant bull signs, as well as the big cats. We had two leopards sightings and a pride of lion on the hunt. I’ll post a report of the next safari and any other interesting stuff soon….. Stay tuned… Butch