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Archery Buffalo

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

I was fortunate enough to see some wonderful new ground and hunt some buffalo with bows! This really is the purest form of hunting I have experienced in my long career. Now with Zim opening up bow-hunting, I hope to do more of this amazing stuff!

Humani Adventures

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

Another great hunt with friends Mike, Carol and Frank on Humani in the SVC. Some excellent trophies hunted between myself and another PH Ian Rutledge. Humani continues to be a premier destination for big leopard, buffalo and abundant fantastic plains game. We swapped around the hunters between the PHs, which is a good way of getting to see how the different PHs hunt and thereby learning more! Excellent marksmanship from the group and a super leopard was taken! 3 great cats taken this year so far and I will be starting next week for the last tag of the year. Thank you, Mike, Carol and Frank, for your continued support!

Hammond Hunt

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

I have not posted anything for ages and am going to try and catch up on the season so far!!
My friends and bow hunting mentors, Jeff and Dasha returned for their 6th safari with me in July. Ross Johnston was our 2nd PH. Based out of Hammond ranch in the SVC for 14 days, it was a hunt filled with highs and lows with a lot of laughs and stories in-amongst all that. Always enjoyable with a lot of hard hunting, long days, short nights, hasty meals, crawling, stalking, frustration, adrenalin filled close encounters and that feeling of hunting at its purest when doing it with a bow…
Thank you Jeff, Dasha and Ross as well as the trackers scouts and camp staff for an unforgettable 2 weeks. 
Till next time! 
Be safe

The team
Great Zimbabwe. It was an excellent side trip on the way down!
Kyle Dam wall
Bush dinner
Chilly last morning in camp
Another hill climb
Jeff’s daga boy
Huge Hog!
The “big pig”. Well done, Dash and Ross. That was always going to be your hog, Dash!
Jeff’s biggest kudu sport far! A nerve-wracking 30 mins and a great 51-yard shot. Makorokoto!
The unlucky bull that walked past Jeff
Dasha’s big last day impala
We climbed many hills. Great sunset in the SVC.
Ringi in a tree stand I made
My friends for many years now
Chipo the ranger – girl power!
Last night at no 2…
Dasha was brave enough to let both Ringi and I shoot her “pink” bow. It was a huge success!
My PH for my birthday impala with the “pink bow”. Thank you, Dasha! It was a really good experience being on the other side.

2019 season is here

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

The 2019 season has finally taken off for me with a 10 day buff hunt followed by a 10 day plainsgame hunt. Both hunts in the Save Valley Conservancy on Arda and Humani

We had a great time despite some of the thick bush and the long grass, thanks to some wonderful late rain. 

Buffalo are plentiful as are leopard and lion. The elephant are starting to move in as well and opening up some of the thickets. 
Plainsgame is abundant and some great kudu are being seen with the rut in full progress

The Turgwe camp has had a lot of work done and is looking great. 

Ringi and B are still with me and working their magic on the tracking side and still with big smiles. 

To those friends who are coming over this year, I am looking forward to seeing you around the campfire.
To those thinking about coming, drop me an email and let’s make a plan. 
Come see a wildlife paradise…

Elephants relocation

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

During my current hunt in the Save Valley Conservancy in South-Eastern Zimbabwe, I was privileged to watch the start of an elephant translocation project to capture and move 100 elephants to the Zambezi Valley from SVC. What a slick operation to witness! Profesionals, from the helicopter political to the vet darting, and the whole capture team…so well done! What a shining example of hunters’ dollars going into conservation. These elephants would have all had to be culled if it were not for the support of the hunting community. Thank you, one and all!


Beautiful Leopard

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

Whilst hunting on Sango several days ago, I had the fortune to spot this beautiful old female leopard, basking in the evening sunlight on top of a boulder. How lucky was I to be able to get my camera out and get some photos before she walked off!
Even though the Save Valley Conservancy is mostly known as a premier hunting destination, some fantastic photographic opportunities can be had, as these leopard and black rhino pictures show.


Plainsgame and new friends

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

My last hunt on Humani with Mike, Carol, Frank and Crys was for plains game, along with fellow PH Ian Ruthedge sharing the guiding. 13 days of great hunting with plenty of walking, trials and tribulations, and some exciting trophies!! New friendships formed and many happy memories. I am looking forward to the next safaris with you, guys. Thank you, one and all, for the support!


Fantastic tuskless and dugga boy

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

I recently completed a Roger Whittall Safaris hunt on Humani with John K. John is a friend and was on his second safari with me in the Save Valley Conservancy. We were hunting for a trophy buffalo bull, tuskless elephant and a few select species of plains game. We got lucky with the elephant on day 2 of the hunt and then got a fantastic dagga boy on day 5. Several days spent trying to connect with a very big kudu kept us busy. Great hunting, good friends in camp and a wonderful area to explore! Thank you, John, and I look forward to our next adventure!


Warner family safari

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

In 2014 I took Herin, who just graduated high school, on a 7-day plains game hunt with her father, Hamp. This year it was her brother’s turn. Hampton was accompanied by his mother and sister. We hunted on Humani for 11 days after plains game. What a great family experience and fun time for all involved. Some fabulous hunting, good shooting and excellent trophy were taken. Several days of drizzle, cloud and cold did not dampen this family’s spirit and sense of humor. Hamp would be very proud! Thank you for hunting with me. It was a privilege and that hog still awaits both of you! Looking forward to having you all back soon.

Kennedys’ First-Time Safari

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

Mike and Danny Kennedy just completed their first-time safari to Humani/Bedford in the SVC, Zimbabwe.  Some tough weather conditions made us all work hard and some wonderful hunting took place.  No luck on recovering the buffalo, but I am hoping to get Mike back later in the year to set things straight on that front!  Thank you for hunting hard, trying hard and never giving up.  It was a pleasure to hunt with you, Mike and Danny!