Humani Ranch is a family owned ranch in the middle of the world renowned Save Valley Conservancy. The Whittall family carved it out of very harsh bush veldt 90 years ago. It is now a well-known hunting destination, teeming with all the big five game and all plains game species. Excellent walk up bird shooting and bass fishing are available on the property.

The ranch is privately owned and unfenced. Game is abundant. It has large populations of resident buffalo and elephant and numerous prides of lion, as well as excellent leopard populations.

Plains game is exceptional, including Nyala, which are plentiful along the Turgwe and Save river systems with Humani being one of the only places Nyala may be hunted in Zimbabwe.

Humani Ranch is 130,000 acres and has one permanent camp, Turgwe. The camp has excellent cooks and utilize most of the meat recovered from client’s trophies. Specialized diets can be accommodated for with prior notice. The camps all have local wines and beer as well as most other alcoholic beverages for other tastes. Specialized alcoholic beverages, such as particular brands of whiskeys, are best brought in by the client.

Turgwe Camp overlooks the Turgwe River which flows year round and is comprised of ensuite chalets that are raised and overlook the river. There is a central lounge and dining room area. There is also an outside fire pit and swimming pool. Fantastic game viewing is a daily occurrence from this site and a non-hunting area around the camp ensures plentiful game numbers.

Hunting is typically done on foot, walk and stalk, tracking and glassing from high ground. No hunting is allowed from vehicles. The larger species can be tracked down, so fitness is a bonus, but not essential.

Typical terrain on Humani is flat mopane woodland. Acacia grasslands with rocky outcrops. Thick, thorny riverine vegetation abounds along the banks of the Turgwe and Sabi Rivers. There is not a lot of steep ground and walking is generally easy.