2019 season is here

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

The 2019 season has finally taken off for me with a 10 day buff hunt followed by a 10 day plainsgame hunt. Both hunts in the Save Valley Conservancy on Arda and Humani

We had a great time despite some of the thick bush and the long grass, thanks to some wonderful late rain. 

Buffalo are plentiful as are leopard and lion. The elephant are starting to move in as well and opening up some of the thickets. 
Plainsgame is abundant and some great kudu are being seen with the rut in full progress

The Turgwe camp has had a lot of work done and is looking great. 

Ringi and B are still with me and working their magic on the tracking side and still with big smiles. 

To those friends who are coming over this year, I am looking forward to seeing you around the campfire.
To those thinking about coming, drop me an email and let’s make a plan. 
Come see a wildlife paradise…