Month: September 2018

Elephants relocation

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

During my current hunt in the Save Valley Conservancy in South-Eastern Zimbabwe, I was privileged to watch the start of an elephant translocation project to capture and move 100 elephants to the Zambezi Valley from SVC. What a slick operation to witness! Profesionals, from the helicopter political to the vet darting, and the whole capture team…so well done! What a shining example of hunters’ dollars going into conservation. These elephants would have all had to be culled if it were not for the support of the hunting community. Thank you, one and all!


Beautiful Leopard

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

Whilst hunting on Sango several days ago, I had the fortune to spot this beautiful old female leopard, basking in the evening sunlight on top of a boulder. How lucky was I to be able to get my camera out and get some photos before she walked off!
Even though the Save Valley Conservancy is mostly known as a premier hunting destination, some fantastic photographic opportunities can be had, as these leopard and black rhino pictures show.


Plainsgame and new friends

By ButchCoatonSafaris,

My last hunt on Humani with Mike, Carol, Frank and Crys was for plains game, along with fellow PH Ian Ruthedge sharing the guiding. 13 days of great hunting with plenty of walking, trials and tribulations, and some exciting trophies!! New friendships formed and many happy memories. I am looking forward to the next safaris with you, guys. Thank you, one and all, for the support!