Butch Coaton

Professional Hunter

Butch's Story

Butch is third generation Zimbabwean, having been born and raised in Zimbabwe. He grew up in the Lowveld on the sugar estates where there were plenty of hunting opportunities.

He has been a professional hunter for 31 years, obtaining his license in 1987 with Buffalo Range Safaris where he hunted for 10 years, and then hunting for Ingwe Safaris for another 15years before joining up with Roger and Guy Whittall on their Humani Ranch inside the world renown Save Valley Conservancy in SE Zimbabwe.

Butch has also been a pilot since 1992, flying C206, C182s and Savannah aircraft.

He is married to Jenny Whittall and has two lovely girls, Holly and Katie. He attended college at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England, graduating in 1985 and began professionally hunting in 1986.

Butch can arrange safaris throughou Zimbabwe and surrounding counties to ensure hunters get the very best opportunities to hunt the species they need. He caters to bow, rifle and muzzle loading clients.

Butch Coaton Safaris operates according to strict quotas with annual game count aerial surveys being done on the conservancies to monitor wildlife population trends.

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