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Butch was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He is a third generation Zimbabwean. He grew up in the Lowveld on the sugar estates where there were plenty of hunting opportunities.

He has been a professional hunter for 31 years, obtaining his license in 1987 with Buffalo Range Safaris where he hunted for 10 years, and then hunting for Ingwe Safaris for another 15years before joining up with the Whittalls, a well know hunting family in Zimbabwe based on Humani.

Butch has also been a pilot since 1992, flying C206, C182s and Savannah aircraft.

Butch is married to Jenny Whittall and has two lovely girls Holly and Katie. He attended college at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England. He graduated in 1985 and began professionally hunting in 1986.

Butch can arrange safaris throughou Zimbabwe and surrounding counties to ensure hunters get the very best opportunities to hunt the species they need.

Humani Ranch is a family owned ranch in the middle of the world renowned Save Valley Conservancy. The Whittall family carved it out of very harsh bush veldt 90 years ago. It is now a well-known hunting destination, teeming with all the big five game and all plains game species. Excellent walk up bird shooting and bass fishing are available on the property.

The ranch is privately owned and unfenced. Game is abundant. It has large populations of resident buffalo and elephant and numerous prides of lion, as well as excellent leopard populations.

Plains game is exceptional, including Nyala, which are plentiful along the Turgwe and Save river systems with Humani being one of the only places Nyala may be hunted in Zimbabwe.

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Hunting is typically done on foot, walk and stalk, tracking and glassing from high ground. No hunting is allowed from vehicles. The larger species can be tracked down, so fitness is a bonus, but not essential. Butch Coaton Safaris caters to bow, rifle and muzzleloading clients. Clients can hunt the dangerous game legally with bows after obtaining the necessary permit

Typical terrain on Humani is flat mopane woodland. Acacia grasslands with rocky outcrops. Thick, thorny riverine vegetation abounds along the banks of the Turgwe and Sabi Rivers. There is not a lot of steep ground and walking is generally easy.

Humani Ranch is 130,000 acres and has one permanent camp, Turgwe. The camp has excellent cooks and utilize most of the meat recovered from client’s trophies. Specialized diets can be accommodated for with prior notice. The camps all have local wines and beer as well as most other alcoholic beverages for other tastes. Specialized alcoholic beverages, such as particular brands of whiskeys, are best brought in by the client.

Turgwe Camp overlooks the Turgwe River which flows year round and is comprised of ensuite chalets that are raised and overlook the river. There is a central lounge and dining room area. There is also an outside fire pit and swimming pool. Fantastic game viewing is a daily occurrence from this site and a non-hunting area around the camp ensures plentiful game numbers.

Dull dark green or brown clothing is recommended. Leave the light khaki at home. Commercial hunting camouflage is OK, but military style is NOT allowed in Zimbabwe. Camo clothing is more appropriate for bow hunters who would like to still hunt. A warm jacket for mornings and evenings is essential, and fleeces are good for camp wear, but not in the bush as there are thorns, grass seeds and stickers. Shorts are often worn, but most hunters wear long pants or jeans to protect their legs. A well-worn-in pair of boots is essential, but a very heavy style hard sole boot is not ideal. Most of the area is flat and free of rocks. Quiet, light hikers are ideal. Casual wear for around the fire and mealtimes is useful. Laundry service is provided daily, so 3 changes of hunting clothes and two casual outfits for travel should be sufficient. A hat or cap is advised as you will be in the sun quite a bit. Bring your own personal toiletry kit. Soap and shampoos are provided.

A good pair of binoculars is advisable for each person on the trip. Pocket sized digital camera is recommended and should be carried on one’s belt. Video cameras are often useful and can be recharged in camp. The camps are supplied with 220-volt electricity. Bring a travel adapter to meet the needs of your equipment. GPS units are not necessary, but many people enjoy using them on their hunt. Range finders are essential for bow hunting. Shooting sticks should be purchased and practiced with prior to your hunt as they are invaluable. Please bring your shooting sticks along on the trip with you. A folding lock blade knife or Leatherman is useful. Any gunsmithing tools and gun cleaning kits you may need should also be packed and brought with you. Water is carried on hunts by trackers, so a camelback is not necessary, but may certainly be brought if that is your preference. Energy bars and trail mixes are useful and should be brought in by the client as they are not readily available in Zimbabwe. Sometimes the walks or tracking of game extends into scheduled mealtimes. Humani has no tsetse flies and there are very few bugs and mosquitoes. Therefore, bug spray is not required. Sunglasses for riding in the vehicle as well as ear protection are important. A chest harness for carrying your binoculars will keep them from bouncing around on your chest. For communications there is limited Wi-Fi in camp to keep in touch around the world.

Weapons can easily be imported into Zimbabwe on a temporary import permit which will be issued at the airport on entry to Zimbabwe.

For those hunters wishing to hunt thick skinned dangerous game, a .375 is the minimum caliber allowed. A .375 is the ideal one weapon caliber, as elephant down to duiker can be taken with this caliber. However, hunters should bring whatever they are most comfortable shooting. Practicing off of sticks is a huge bonus. Ammunition is difficult to obtain in Zimbabwe so ample ammunition should be brought. Generally, 60 rounds for a light caliber, and 20-40 rounds for heavy caliber.

Bow hunting on Humani is very successful with dedicated ground and tree blinds at waterholes and game trails. Hunters should be sure that they bring all necessary bow, arrows, and broadheads, etc. as there are no bow shops in Zimbabwe. Modern bow targets are available in each camp.

Game is abundant with resident herds of elephant, buffalo, and prides of lion, numerous leopards and all plains game species. Nyala are also plentiful and Humani is one of the few properties in Zimbabwe that can offer this species. Leopard and lions are traditionally hunted using bait and blind methods. Large amounts of kudu, zebra, wildebeest, impala, eland, and warthog are seen daily.

Available Game: Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Crocodile, Giraffe, Livingstones Eland, Common Waterbuck, Kudu, Nyala, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Limpopo, Bushbuck, Impala, Warthog, Bush Pig, Common Duiker, Sharpes Grysbok, Baboon, Klipspringer, Civet Cat, Porcupine, Black backed Jackal, Guineafowl, Frankolin, Doves.

Simply put, if you want a great time in Africa, Butch is your man.

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